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Sex addiction can be as severe as any other addiction, having the same adverse effects on one’s life and relationships. We will create a truly customized treatment program that focuses on addressing the unique underlying reasons for sex addiction, while at the same time, addressing the issue of substance abuse if any. With the right program, a safe and comfortable environment and the help of our highly trained professionals, you or your loved one’s sex addiction can be effectively treated and managed for life.

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What Is Sex Addiction?

It may be difficult to identify if a person has a sexual addiction because people think that sex is a normal part of life—and it is. However, when sex is taken to an extreme, it can have very negative effects.

Sex becomes an obsession when it interferes with a person’s social life, physical health and emotional well-being. A person suffering from sex addiction will consistently prioritize sex over family, friends and work. Over time, he or she may need to engage in increasing amounts of sex or more unusual forms of sexual gratification in order to get the same high or pleasure as before.

Here are some common signs of sex addiction:

  • Seeking multiple sexual partners in a short period of time
  • Seek out sex or sexually related materials on the Internet regularly
  • Practice unsafe sex frequently
  • Having frequent one-time sexual partners
  • Having feelings of shame or guilt after a sexual encounter
  • Soliciting prostitutes to satisfy your sexual urges
  • Engaging in extreme sexual acts including sex in public places
  • Getting in trouble with co-workers, friends, and family because of sexual behavior

Seeking Help − Treating Sex Addiction

It is important to start by saying there is no shame in having a sex addiction. Many people hide their addiction from families and loved ones for years for fear of being shunned or ridiculed. Sex addiction is a real condition and it has real treatment options.

If compulsive sexual behavior is left untreated, the individual might experience intense guilt, develop low self-esteem and eventually fall into depression. There is also the possibility to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases or experience an unplanned pregnancy. If you know someone who has been struggling with sex addiction, staying away from triggers and seeking treatment in a new place with a healthy environment is a good first step to recovery. A safe facility with trained professionals can help uncover the underlying reasons for sex addiction and provide the benefit of monitoring progress, making sure there are no outside distractions and temptations. Time away from pressure, emotional strain and negative influences is very important in ensuring the success of moving past sex addiction.

We know that starting treatment for sex addiction is not easy. It takes courage and a sincere drive to change. We are here to help and ensure that you or your loved one will receive the best care in a safe and supportive environment.

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*As required by law, all communications with Resurgence Tennessee are HIPAA Compliant and 100% Confidential

Our Customized Sex Addiction Treatment

We believe that anyone can break free from sex addiction with a customized treatment program that truly addresses their underlying conditions. Our holistic approach involves identifying the cause of the addiction, learning more effective problem solving skills, addressing emotional needs in a healthy way, and learning to deal with life’s ups and downs, including handling relationships, without feeling the urge to cope by engaging in sexual behavior. This enables us to focus on healing and avoid relapse by approaching sex addiction as a completely treatable condition which the person can overcome in contrast to the outdated approach of viewing it as a disease.

Every member of our staff is rigorously trained to help our clients in solving and uncovering these problems through our two-part, integrated treatment approach.

  1. Changing your unhealthy habits and behaviors, and
  2. Creating a new, amazing life you’ll be proud of and excited to live.

Our customized approach, coupled with our staff of highly motivated and well-trained professionals, ensures that you or your loved one will receive excellent care during and after treatment.

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