Do You Need a Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Chattanooga TN?

Have you given any thought to locating drug treatment facilities in the Chattanooga, TN area? Treatment facilities for substance abuse in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area can provide clients with the life skills training they require to conquer the obstacles brought on by their drug abuse, as well as the resources they require to remain abstinent during and after they receive mental health and drug abuse receive treatment services.

Our primary goal is your return to top-notch mental health and abstinence after you leave our treatment center. We can help you conquer substance misuse and regain control of your life by providing addiction treatment that is both holistic and evidence-based.

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment center that focuses on mental health in combination with addiction – and provides dual diagnosis treatment, support groups, medication-assisted treatment, and more – Resurgence Tennessee is the comprehensive residential treatment option you’ve been looking for.

Our drug and alcohol rehab Chattanooga TN services have helped countless clients find recovery in the state, continue reading to find out more!

Drug Rehab Treatment Facility Near Chattanooga, TN

Individual sessions with experienced specialists

Is your drug abuse brought on as a result of trauma or something significant that you experienced in the past? One thing that separates our rehab centers is that we provide trauma therapy and standard rehab options.

In addition to this, we provide support groups made up of peers who are experiencing the same thing you are. We provide comprehensive care for substance abuse, which includes a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to choose from, which can be received either in the form of group therapy or as individual sessions with experienced specialists – or a combination of both.

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Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

You’re probably wondering about insurance and payment before you go any further. One of the best parts about our rehab centers is the fact that we take private health insurance, with many plans included in the CARES Act.

If it’s found in the CARES Market, the chances are high we take it. Whether you have private health insurance or Medicaid, it’s important to understand how much coverage they provide for treatment. Staff at our rehab centers can help you navigate the process of contacting your provider and giving them the specifics of treatment to understand fully what’s covered and what’s not. Private health insurance, Medicaid, or otherwise – we’re willing to work with clients on all fronts to get them the support they need.

Have you been frustrated at other mental health services in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area? Did you notice a marked lack of care of versatility that’s required to treat a wide variety of clients?

Our mental health services and drug abuse rehab therapies cater to users of all types who have varying types of needs. This includes specialty approaches to therapy like dual diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment.

Treatment programs that are cutting-edge, based on scientific evidence, and holistic must be made available to individuals who are battling mental health problems or substance abuse disorders. It’s possible that you’re conscious of the fact that you struggle with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. On the other hand, making the decision to seek treatment at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center is an entirely different story.

Have you ever had the following thoughts:

  • “I’m not that deep into my drug use. I can beat my habit without support groups or outpatient services. I’m not even addicted yet.”
  • “I might have a small problem, but I can quit whenever I want.”
  • “I might be addicted but I can beat this without rehab. I’m not physically addicted yet.”
  • “I’m ready to start treatment. I just want to get high one more time before I go.”

If you’ve echoed these sentiments, you’re not alone. There is help through rehabs near Chattanooga.

What Makes a Successful Rehab for Chattanooga, Tennessee?

It’s possible that regular outpatient services or ones that focus exclusively on mental health issues won’t be enough. If you felt like the treatment you’ve received in the past just “wasn’t enough,” or you slipped into relapse – it’s possible you require other means of therapy like medication-assisted treatment or different behavioral approaches. Or, maybe holistic treatment provides the answers you need.

A successful rehab is one that’s tailored to you specifically and makes you feel accomplished and secure.

Why Would I Need Detox Near Chattanooga, TN?

Why Would You Need Detox Near Chattanooga

Physical dependence is when your body relies heavily on the presence of drugs in your system. When you attempt to refrain from using, you go into violent withdrawals.

Granted, this doesn’t take place with every substance. Marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and others, normally don’t cause the physical reaction during detoxes like opioids, crystal meth, and prescription benzodiazepines. Even alcohol detox can be deadly without the right medical environment.

If your drug of choice includes any of the following, you’ll likely need medically-assisted detox:

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Oxycodone
  • Percoset
  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Oxycontin
  • Crystal Meth
  • Crack
  • Klonopin
  • Codeine
  • and others

The withdrawal symptoms that most users experience for the first time occur during detox. Your chances will considerably improve if we are successful in assisting you in getting over this hurdle. Because of this, we make a lot of effort to make sure that our clients are comfortable during this stage of recovery.

One of the most important aspects of recovery is getting proper rest. Unfortunately, one of the most detrimental symptoms of withdrawal is a lack of sleep. We provide clients with medications to help them combat sleeplessness, among other things.

During your intake period, you’ll discuss with the physician what the best course of treatment is regarding detox. During this evaluation, and the moments leading up to you entering detox and withdrawal, decisions will be made to prescribe you the best regimen of assistive medication to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Our Expert Chattanooga, TN Staff Provides Multiple Forms of Therapy

TN Staff Provides Multiple Forms of Therapy

After completing detox, you’ll be transferred to inpatient or outpatient services. It’s here that you’ll undergo the majority of your life-changing therapy. You’ll receive education regarding addiction and recovery, along with ways to combat relapse and help to prepare you for re-entry into society.

The therapist may choose to employ individual, family, or group therapy, in conjunction with evidence-based or other holistic techniques; however, the choice will ultimately rely on the requirements of the client.

The following are some of the options that are open to you:

Talk-Based Therapy

Talk-based therapy, otherwise known as psychoanalysis, is a one-on-one meeting with your psychiatrist or counselor that helps them gauge where you are mentally and at what stage of your recovery you’ve entered. These forms of therapy help your treatment team make changes to your treatment plan to keep you on the best course to recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy gives you a chance to open up to peers who are experiencing the same thing you are. Great real-life knowledge can be obtained here, in addition to camaraderie and the realization that you’re not alone in your struggle.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy includes a number of different options, such as cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and other modalities. These forms of therapy serve to educate you on the presence of your negative behavioral tendencies and how to replace them with positive ones.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to the practice of treating co-occurring disorders or two disorders at the same time (mental health and substance abuse, or multiple variations of both). In order to get to the bottom of the issue and treat the person as a whole, you will need an innovative treatment approach that combines several different types of psychotherapy.

Holistic Therapy

Surf therapy

Holistic therapy is considered just as much evidence-based as the types described above. Some of the options for holistic treatment include:

  • Art therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Surf therapy
  • Journaling
  • and more

In addition, physical therapies are available, like acupuncture, spa treatments, saunas, and swimming.

Recovery Is Possible In Chattanooga With Resurgence Tennessee

One goal of treatment for substance misuse is to assist individuals in becoming sober and remaining sober once treatment is completed. But what happens when you graduate?

We have high hopes that you will continue to develop individually even after you finish therapy and work to improve your relationships. Our goal for you is to foster new relationships and new meaning in life – as well as continue to mend the old ties with the right people. We make it easier for you to repair your relationships with the people you care about by employing techniques such as family therapy and other approaches that are designed to strengthen your support system.

Exiting therapy may trigger some nervous feelings, but that’s normal. It’s an exciting time – almost like learning to walk again. Just remember that your support system is there for a reason – someone should always be available or at least a phone call away if you feel weak at any period.

Get in touch with our Admissions staff so that you can acquire additional information regarding the services that we offer. Our location in Fayetteville may be reached in a little over an hour and a half if you are located in the Chattanooga region. Reach out now for a confidential discussion of options and get your recovery started with us today!

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FAQs About Chattanooga Rehab

What happens when I get to Resurgence Tennessee?

First, you’ll go through the intake process before any substance abuse treatment begins. This is a simple physical and mental evaluation from a doctor to obtain basic information to help place you at the right starting point and acts as a foundation for your personalized treatment plan.

Can I do outpatient or something similar instead?

Sure! We offer a number of different levels of care, including outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and more. We strongly suggest an assessment before making a decision on the level of care, along with a strategy session with your family.

What should I do after treatment?

Post-treatment is overwhelming at first – you’ll be used to having everything prepared for you in a structured environment. It’s your job to carry the outline of that environment outside of treatment. The most important things to be mindful of regarding post-treatment (which we can provide assistance for) include:

  • A primary care/steady mental health counselor. It’s important to continue some form of therapy after treatment, especially if you’ve undergone dual diagnosis.
  • If you require it, medication-assisted treatment needs to be carried over (methadone, buprenorphine). Again, we will help with all of these preparations.
  • A stable, drug-free living environment.