Programs of Recovery for Compulsive Gamblers

Gambling seems harmless enough at first. Tragically, some people develop gambling addictions, whether it is on ponies or slot machines. There’s a chance they’ll succumb to an addiction that will destroy them physically, socially, emotionally, and financially.

Compulsive gambling is a serious problem in the United States. There are effective gambling addiction treatment programs for gambling addiction that you can look into if you find yourself in this predicament.

Many clients assume Resurgence Tennessee is only for substance abuse. However, we do deal with clients who have challenges with compulsive gambling and other disorders. If you’ve been looking for a solution to your compulsive gambling issue, continue reading for more information that might help.

What Role Do Genetics Play in the Development of Gambling?

Young Gambling Addict

Substance and behavior addictions both have their origins in a person’s psyche. So, what exactly triggers compulsive gambling? While it’s true that anyone can develop a habit of doing or taking something, addiction occurs only when that habit changes a person’s mental state.

To put it plainly, addiction occurs when a person is unable to voluntarily abstain from a behavior because he or she has come to rely on the sensation of doing the behavior, the satisfaction it gives, or both. Compulsive gamblers may believe they have command over their behavior, but Gamblers Anonymous members know better. While no one consciously makes the decision to become addicted, it is nonetheless vitally necessary to make the conscious decision to break away from one’s addiction at the appropriate time.

This is where addiction treatment comes in to mitigate gambling behavior in the same way it works for substance abuse.

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The Tragic Consequences of Gambling Disorders

The consequences of gambling are far-reaching. A downhill spiral of gambling can lead to homelessness, the loss of a business, a failed marriage, the loss of parental rights, and other addictions and mental health problems. That’s why it’s critical to get therapy for gambling addiction as soon as you realize there’s a problem.

The Convenience of Compulsive Gambling

Furthermore, becoming a gambler in the modern day is simpler than ever. More and more states are legalizing casino gambling, and players may easily access hundreds of online casinos. Don’t let accessibility put you or your loved ones in a dark place. Call Resurgence Tennessee to learn about services, local resources, and support groups in your area.

Can Gambling Addiction Be Treated?

There is no definitive time at which mental disorders like OCD or anorexia can be considered cured. Those with a compulsive gambling problem eventually realize this about themselves and their disease. Can one get over a gambling addiction?

No. However, just like with any other addiction, like substance abuse, you can take measures to free yourself or your loved ones from the grip gambling has on your life. Get assistance soon if you have a problem with compulsive gambling or any other gambling problem.

Effective Forms of Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gamblers can choose from various therapy options, from individual sessions to support groups. You and your loved ones need to learn as much as possible about the many treatment options for gambling addiction before making a final choice that will work best for everyone involved.

Treat Gambling Addiction Using Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Gambling addiction is only one of several that have responded well to cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. A mental health professional can assist an addict in recognizing the cognitive patterns that have contributed to the negative consequences of gambling addiction through this method of treatment.

For example, many people who gamble start to feel like they’re going to hit the big jackpot if they just keep betting. Other gamblers, though, will remain at it in the hopes that they will eventually be able to clear their debts with the money they win.

The psychological aspect of compulsive gambling can cause a person’s emotions to swing wildly between the highs of winning and the lows of losing streaks. A gambler can begin to recognize these erroneous beliefs and attempt to dispel them with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy. You or your loved one can start feeling better once these underlying problems have been discovered and treated by a mental health professional.

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Alternative Treatment Strategies for a Gambling Disorder

When it comes to overcoming a gambling disorder, there are a variety of therapeutic approaches that can be used in treatment programs. Like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy can help people overcome their gambling problems by identifying and addressing the underlying issues that keep them coming back to the games.

Family Therapy

The gambling addict may also benefit from family treatment. It’s not only you who suffers from compulsive gambling; the ones you love may feel the effects, too. Healing rifts within the family and moving forward in recovery are major themes in family therapy for gambling addiction.

Limit Access

Restricting a person’s access to gambling is an effective treatment option. It’s not easy to steer clear of any references to gambling, with Super Bowl workplace pools and online gambling commercials popping up everywhere. However, a gambler can begin to address the underlying issues behind their compulsive behavior if they are denied easy access to their favorite pastime.

Treatment Facilities for Gambling that Offer Residential Care

Outpatient for Gambling

If you or a loved one has a gambling addiction and is making poor decisions and experiencing negative consequences as a result, inpatient or residential therapy may be the best option for you.

Advantages for Residential Treatment of Problem Gambling

Residential gambling treatments can potentially be more effective than outpatient ones because patients can concentrate on their rehabilitation in a setting free from distractions. These centers have the following advantages:

  • 24/7 care
  • Treatment of underlying causes
  • Remedy-Based Actions
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Sustaining a healthy mind and body through medical and mental health monitoring

Luxury Rehab for Gambling Addiction Treatment

The ability to afford luxury treatment options is the defining factor. Spa-like services, such as massages, pools, hot tubs, and a more tranquil atmosphere might be offered to clients at high-end facilities for those with gambling addictions. In the end, affluent gamblers receive the same psychiatric therapy as everyone else but in a more opulent and less clinical atmosphere.

In contrast to less affluent rehabs, luxury centers for gambling addiction may provide easier access to medical and mental health professionals. Clients with more disposable income may be visited more frequently, which may hasten their recoveries.

Corporate Options

Executive gambling addiction programs are designed for high-achieving individuals who know they need to break damaging habits but cannot take significant time off work to do it. These individuals, who like high rollers and can likely spend more on therapy, may have access to condensed programs, such as those that run on weekends. Their addiction can be treated, and they can still perform executive duties.

Outpatient for Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous is only one example of an outpatient support group for those struggling with a gambling addiction; other options include supervised group sessions and ongoing individual counseling. The in-patient setting isn’t the only place where treatment is possible; outpatient clinics offer many of the same services.

The amount of time spent in therapy is the primary differentiator between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. After discharge, many clients continue their care in an outpatient setting. You or a loved one can find the best therapy for gambling addiction by considering the following factors:

  • Ensure the facility’s credibility
  • Personalized treatment plans should be available
  • Using the services of a trained gambling counselor

Like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous uses a 12-step program to help people overcome their gambling addiction in an outpatient setting. People who attend Gamblers Anonymous have admitted they have a gambling problem and are working to overcome their addiction. In a safe and confidential environment, the group helps problem gamblers rebuild their lives so that they can make amends to those they’ve wronged and guide others to recovery.

We can assist you in locating local Gamblers Anonymous meetings, inpatient facilities, and outpatient treatments if you or a loved one has recognized a gambling addiction. Get help now to end the grip of gambling and start rebuilding your life. Contact Resurgence Tennessee today for problem gambling.

Does Medication for Gambling Addiction Exist?

Medication for Gambling Behavior

Medication is helpful in many cases of recovering from gambling addiction. Be cautious and utilize only those medications that have been prescribed or advised by a skilled specialist if you or a loved one suffers from compulsive gambling. The temptation to self-medicate with another addiction is always present when you’re under the sway of one. The right drug, however, under a doctor’s watchful eye, can help speed up the healing process.

Several years ago, research assessing the effects of pharmacological strategies like these was finished at the University of Minnesota. The people who participated in the study were divided into two categories: those with poor impulse control and those prone to engaging in an obsessive activity.

Medications typically utilized in substance abuse treatment regimens, such as naltrexone, were discovered to have a positive effect in the case of compulsive gamblers. The study examined how drugs targeting the prefrontal cortex of the brain might help problem gamblers who lack self-control.

Finding the Best Centers for Gambling Addiction

It may take time to locate an appropriate treatment facility for gambling addiction on your own or with the help of a loved one. Please allow us to assist you. Our team is here to listen to your story and advise you on the best course of action to overcome your gambling addiction and restore your family’s peace of mind. Resurgence Tennessee is here for you whether you’re an in-state client or visiting us from out of state.

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Long-Term Recovery from Gambling at Resurgence Tennessee

When you need actual, effective gambling addiction treatment, Resurgence Tennessee provides a robust program that will educate you on the nature of your addiction and help you understand why you have a gambling problem. In addition, you’ll receive assistance for post-treatment so you can feel confident when you re-enter society about relapsing.

It didn’t take a few days to establish your gambling problem, and it won’t take a few days to fix it. However, with the right amount of dedication on your part, combined with our expert care team and a personalized treatment plan, you can enter long-term recovery and combat the negative consequences of your gambling issues.

The assessment takes place just like our substance abuse treatment program – contact us, and we’ll set up a date for you to come to our facility. Beforehand you’ll receive information regarding what to bring and what not to bring to treatment. During your assessment, we’ll decide which course of therapy is best and begin crafting your personalized treatment program.

Over the subsequent 30 days, you’ll get the education you need on gambling, including triggers and how to avoid them. In addition, group therapy can help by allowing you to conversate with peers without judgment to give you an understanding you’re not alone.

For more information on our program at Resurgence Tennessee, contact a member of our Admissions team today!