Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Shelbyville, TN

The first step in receiving addiction treatment is making that brave demonstration of willpower and picking up the phone. Contacting an addiction treatment facility that specializes in drug rehab in Shelbyville, TN can help you receive the care you need for drug addiction and the education to avoid relapse.

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, Resurgence Tennessee provides one of the most comprehensive forms of addiction treatment available in the state. Our drug and alcohol rehab center caters to each client individually, providing the substance abuse therapy that works best for you, and is crafted according to your individualized treatment plan.

Resurgence Tennessee can help you take back control of your life through holistic and evidence-based forms of addiction treatment, allowing you to conquer substance abuse and find new, enjoyable ways of living sober!

Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities in the Shelbyville, Tennessee Area

Substance Abuse Treatment

When you finally come to terms with the destructive effects of your drug and alcohol addiction, it can be a stressful time, especially if you feel as if there’s nobody to turn to. At Resurgence Tennessee, we recognize the difficulties that come with drug and alcohol dependency and provide cutting-edge substance abuse treatment options.

We also have a compassionate staff that’s ready and willing to work with you to educate you regarding your substance abuse or alcohol addiction challenges. Our substance abuse treatment options include every level of care available, with a large variety of therapeutic methods via group counseling or one-on-one drug addiction specialists.

If you’ve ever researched addiction treatment programs near Shelbyville, Tennessee, you may be aware of the lack of therapy options when it comes to recovery. These drug treatment facilities offer a variety of care levels but lack the specific forms of therapy that create a robust individualized treatment plan at our drug and alcohol rehab.

Those who are battling mental health disorders or substance abuse disorders need addiction treatment programs that are progressive, evidence-based, and incorporate all facets of the client. The vast majority of clients who have issues related to substance abuse are aware of their circumstances; however, very few of them actively seek the assistance they require at a drug and alcohol rehab.

It is essential to act quickly in order to secure admission to the most appropriate addiction treatment center possible.

The efficacy of an addiction treatment program is directly proportional to the success of its treatment programs. It’s easy to find inpatient and outpatient treatment centers in Shelbyville – but what about intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, dual diagnosis treatment, and holistic forms of healing? Resurgence Tennessee aims to be one of the only Shelbyville addiction treatment programs that offer these opportunities and more.

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How Does Treatment Progress at a Drug Rehab in Shelbyville TN?

An individualized treatment plan for a client could involve inpatient and outpatient care, intensive outpatient treatment, psychotherapy, support groups, and medication, among other possible modalities. Detoxification is the first stage in the treatment process not only at our facility but also at the majority of other treatment centers that deal with opiate or alcohol addiction.

How Does Resurgence Tennessee Approach Detox?

There’s no easy part of any treatment services or rehab. However, if you had to choose, detox would by far be voted the most difficult part of the recovery process. This is also where most clients fail, which is what makes this part of most rehab centers the most vital.

In order to reduce withdrawal symptoms, our treatment center is prepared to prescribe certain substances for relief. Our drug and alcohol treatment center near Shelbyville, Tennessee keeps all possible pharmaceutical options on hand to alleviate the physical and mental distress that can be brought on by detoxing from a substance use disorder.

Alternatively, there are also holistic options available – which are far more encouraged and are more suitable as a long-term option as opposed to maintenance medications.

The worst part of the withdrawal process is the lack of sleep – coupled that with the fact clients are at rehab centers which are unfamiliar places – and it’s difficult to remain comfortable.

In order to get through the withdrawal process of a wide variety of drugs, substance abusers typically require sleep and medication to treat their pain. If you are trying to detox from opiates in Shelbyville, Tennessee, you will also find yourself experiencing restlessness, potentially negative feelings or anxiety, and other detrimental side effects.

No two clients at rehab centers are the same – and mental health concerns with one client may not match other mental health concerns of another client. This is why individualized treatment services are vital for delivering our clients’ proper and efficient care.

Individualized Mental Health Services for Drug Rehab

Individualized Mental Health Services for Drug Rehab

After you have completed detoxification at our treatment facility in Shelbyville, Tennessee, we will proceed with the next stage of your individualized treatment plan. In most cases, this includes inpatient treatment services in Shelbyville.

Depending on the requirements of the client, the therapist may choose to apply individual, family, or group treatment in combination with evidence-based or other holistic options.

You’ll have some of the following options:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy helps to change the behaviors of a client – replacing negative behaviors that lead to harm with more positive, helpful behaviors.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of expressive holistic therapy that gives clients the chance to express themselves through various mediums to convey their feelings and thoughts.

Equine Therapy

Therapy through horses is used in a number of different disciplines, with substance abuse treatment being one of them. This therapy has a calming result and gives clients a sense of responsibility and a connection with the animal.

Group Therapy

Group therapy takes place under the guidance of a group leader, who takes the head in discussions on different topics, allowing other members of the group to chime in and provide input.

It is essential that the treatment you receive for addiction addresses the underlying causes of the issue rather than merely covering up the symptoms. This looks different for different clients, and you may need to try a variety of several before you find what works best for you.

Resurgence Tennessee for Drug Rehab in Shelbyville TN Services

Familial Therapy

Becoming sober is one goal of any alcohol rehab center or drug rehab. However, at Resurgence Tennessee, our staff is focused on elements that carry over into your personal life after you graduate. We want to enhance your relationships and life spiritually after you leave treatment. We help you regenerate relationships with your family through familial therapy and other elements designed to strengthen your support system.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact a member of our Admissions team. Our center is only 30 minutes from Shelbyville, making for a convenient location to find lasting recovery!

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FAQs on Drug Rehab in Shelbyville TN

Do you provide prescription drugs or medication-assisted treatment?

Our treatment facilities have been approved to provide medication-assisted treatment in a suitable environment and under the appropriate conditions. Medication for opioid misuse, such as methadone and buprenorphine, is available to keep you comfortable but is not seen as a viable option for long-term treatment.

In addition, throughout the alcohol or opioid detox process, various drugs may be offered to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, such as the following:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Medications for the stomach
  • Sleep aids

Do you handle dual diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis is one of our specialties at Resurgence Tennessee. We have licensed professionals who provide mental health services aimed specifically at treating clients who suffer from co-occurring disorders.

What is your post-treatment like?

At Resurgence Tennessee, we have personally seen how important it is to have a solid network of support in place to have a successful recovery. We help clients prepare by organizing their support structure and re-entering the workforce. We can also help locate group meetings and other mental health services outside of our facility.

What treatment programs do you offer?

While we don’t have predesigned “packages” or programs available for clients, we do provide individualized plans for everyone who walks through the door. With a personalized treatment plan, you’re certain to get the specific therapy you need that caters to your situation. For more information, contact a member of our staff today.