Finding a Chattanooga Tennessee Drug Treatment Center

There is typically a lack of support networks for those struggling with substance abuse. As a result, individuals continue to worsen in health and run the risk of a fatal overdose before seeking substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse sufferers can get top-notch care at a facility less than two hours from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The first step is getting a client to admit they have a problem. Then, we show them how to get help and establish a sober support system so they can get better and remain clean.

If you’re looking for quality drug rehab Chattanooga TN services, our programs have helped thousands of clients. Our evidence-based approach along with more non-traditional methods covers everything from medication-assisted treatment to outpatient treatment and everything in between.

Keep reading to find out more about effective programs to overcome drug abuse, and how Resurgence Tennessee can help you or your loved one find lasting recovery!

Chattanooga and the Need for Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

The city of Chattanooga portrays the allure of a little town while providing all the conveniences of a large metropolis. Because of this, this “little big” town is an ideal place to call home. The city’s location on the banks of the Tennessee River makes it a popular tourist destination. Many outdoor pursuits are possible in this region. The artistic, culinary, and retail sectors also continue to flourish.

However, no matter how beautiful a city is on the exterior – this doesn’t eliminate the need for mental health services and addiction treatment facilities. Beneath the surface of Chattanooga TN, there lies a tragic underside that’s in dire need of drug abuse services

Chattanooga TN Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Stats

Based on data from 2019 compiled regarding Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee, we know the following:

  • 21% of adults admitted to binge or heavy drinking
  • There were 85 drug-related deaths in 2017
  • 60 of these were due to opioid overdoses.
  • Some 306 people who overdosed on narcotics were admitted to hospitals after 584 people went to the emergency room.

In Hamilton County, opiates accounted for 79% of drug-related deaths as recently as 2020. Deaths from overdoses disproportionately affect people aged 35 to 44. There needs to be a treatment facility in the neighborhood because widespread drug misuse is a public health issue that can only be addressed by addiction treatment.

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When Happens When You Go to Rehab?

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to a wide range of treatment modalities at its addiction treatment centers. Addicts can benefit from all of these choices. As an added bonus, they can aid people with mental health issues as well.

It’s important to note that a variety of therapeutic approaches are available, such as:

Individual Addiction Treatment

This form of treatment emphasizes communication between the therapist and the client. They learn about their own personal history of addiction. Then they can replace their drug use with healthier coping mechanisms.

Group Therapy Addiction Treatment

Those seeking similar outcomes can find support and comfort in a group therapy setting. People who have the support of their peers during their recoveries are typically able to accomplish great things.

Family Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects the whole family; therefore, it’s important to get everyone in treatment together. In fact, whole relationships have been known to fall apart for this reason. Families learn how to talk to one another, accept responsibility, and let the past go via the process of healing through counseling.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

To heal the whole person, not just the symptoms, holistic practitioners use methods that go beyond conventional medicine. Yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness, art therapy, and other similar practices may fall under this category.

EMDR for Trauma Processing

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic method for alleviating the effects of traumatic experiences. A therapist helps a client recollect traumatic events by directing their eye movements. Consequently, significantly fewer people have issues like flashbacks and anxiety.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Planning

After completing formal therapy, it is recommended that clients continue with aftercare. One option is to keep going to treatment, either on an individual basis or with a group. Attending support organizations, such as 12-Step meetings, can also help people maintain their sobriety.

Getting Sober and Recovering from Addiction in Chattanooga, TN

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our rehabilitation center, convenient to Chattanooga, TN, provides numerous advantages to its clients. First, it enables the individual to recognize the problem and seek assistance. To add to that, they now have a secure environment in which to open up about their drug abuse. The hard job of becoming better can then begin.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Coping Strategies

Rehab can shed light on the causes of an addict’s behavior. They can also be taught new ways of behaving and thinking. They can also deal with underlying issues that may have contributed to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place.

As a result, clients develop positive new strategies for dealing with stressful situations. This adjustment enables individuals to take up sobriety and maintain it.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation addiction treatment programs offer a wide variety of therapeutic options. Using our drug abuse services has been shown to be effective in helping people beat their addictions. Therapies of various kinds fall under this category, as mentioned above – but this only includes a fraction of what we offer in our addiction treatment programs.

You will also learn how to maintain your progress after formal treatment has concluded. This can help with methods like Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), which is one of our drug abuse services, but will fall under your primary care of another treatment clinic’s plan for you after you graduate.

Mental Health Services

Finally, mental health care is available at many rehabilitation centers. Many persons who struggle with addiction also struggle with some sort of mental illness. It’s helpful to be able to address both diseases at once.

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Is Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

Insurance can be a lifeline for clients in need of medical care. They may not be aware that their insurance policy covers the cost of rehabilitation. As a result, they don’t obtain the drug rehab treatment center individualized treatment plan they require. However, different forms of insurance may cover different facilities and types of therapy.

To inquire about rehab coverage, anyone can call their health insurance provider. They’ll likely be able to tell you which rehabs are quality, and what services fall under coverage. The individual should verify whether or not their chosen rehabilitation program requires prior authorization. If prior authorization is not obtained, outpatient services, medication assisted treatment, and other drug rehab services may not be covered. Having private health insurance can fix this issue most of the time.

You can also contact Resurgernce Tennessee to inquire whether we accept your specific form of coverage.

Learn More About Our Evidence-Based Treatment

Our Evidence-Based Treatment

Some people need to attend drug and alcohol treatment centers multiple times before they finally succeed in turning their lives around. There could be multiple occasions where outpatient services are started and not finished – or inpatient and a transfer to outpatient services, and ultimately, relapse. Some people only have one shot at entering a drug and alcohol rehab center and undergoing detox.

This emphasizes, even more, how important effective treatment is. Clinical research supports the use of evidence-based practices in the treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders during outpatient services, inpatient, PHP, and other levels of care.

There is great value in the time invested in overcoming addiction and improving mental health. Because of this, Resurgence Tennessee only creates programs that adhere to the standards set out by the scientific literature. Clinical research has shown us which addiction treatments have the best track records of success, which is ultimately what matters most. Addiction treatment that is backed by scientific evidence is essential for long-term success.

However, this doesn’t only include things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and others. Holistic healing can also be considered evidence-based.

Which Treatment Centers for Rehab Are the Best In Tennessee?

One distinguishing feature of evidence-based therapy approaches is their reliability in producing desired outcomes in scientific studies. The best results can be achieved by the combination of precise diagnosis of substance use or mental health disorders and the formation of an individualized treatment plan.

The best outpatient treatment, inpatient therapy, and any other level of care are provided by a rehab that’s thorough and has an accurate track record of diagnosing issues correctly. Without a proper diagnosis, how can you have proper treatment?

Providing thorough diagnoses and care is where we shine. For years we’ve been helping clients overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Resurgence Tennessee for Outpatient Treatment and More

Resurgence Tennessee is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that employs cutting-edge, scientifically proven treatment modalities. Evidence-based practices have a solid foundation in science that proves they work. Everything we do, from trauma counseling to alcohol detox placement, is based on the evidence-based care approach that we use at Resurgence Tennessee.

Holistic Treatment

One of the things that make Resurgence Tennessee stand apart is the care and attention to detail we put into providing holistic, compassionate addiction treatment that combines the best of both the scientific and spiritual worlds. Evidence-based practice is a must for any drug and alcohol treatment center worth it’s salt. However, Resurgence Tennessee excels at doing this without losing sight of each individual client’s unique personality and needs.

Addiction Treatment Facilities and Counseling Services for Mental Health

Counseling Services for Mental Health

Treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues are both available at Resurgence Tennessee. You or a loved one are deserving of our exceptional care.

Inpatient treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues is, for the vast majority of people, a life-changing experience. The ability to overcome mental illness and substance abuse is a true gift. When world-class alcohol and drug treatment is just a phone call away, there’s no reason to settle for less.

Start Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Chattanooga, TN Today

Do you feel you have struck rock bottom and need drug or alcohol treatment? If that’s the case, we know just what to do to get you back on track. Substance abuse can be treated on an outpatient basis at our facility near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

That said, we also accommodate out-of-town clients for rehab. Any co-occurring mental health issues are also addressed. Join us in putting your addiction behind you once and for all so you may go forward with your life without the burden of substance abuse.

Supportive Treatment for Addiction and Mental Illness

Most of the staff and clients at Resurgence Tennessee have had some kind of personal experience with addiction or mental health issues. Too often, we fail to see the profound impact that our efforts to aid another person’s rehabilitation can have.

Treatment that is both effective and compassionate requires not only the most cutting-edge medical knowledge and technology but also the ability to go past symptoms and treat the whole person. Resurgence Tennessee is different from other facilities because we care deeply about your success in sobriety.

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Effective Recovery Options Convenient to Chattanooga

At Resurgence Tennessee, we believe in your long-term recovery. Whether it’s through trauma therapy, outpatient treatment, or any other variety of care level, our team has your back.

We also offer aftercare preparation like relapse prevention workshops and help clients put together a strong support system for the future.

For more information on how we can help you achieve long-term recovery, contact a member of our Admissions team today for a confidential consultation!